Archived Sermons

Sermons by David Schumacher, May 2015 to February 2016

Following are archived sermons by David Schumacher. They are arranged chronologically in general themes or individually. Each of the frames below contain the first few lines of each sermon. Click on "See more" to expand it into a new window. Donations for the use of this material can be made here.

David Schumacher

David Schumacher

I Can't Do It Without You!

No Witnesses!

Evangelism Made Simple

Circumstances NOT To Your Liking

Conquering Series, 2015

NOT Even in the Right City!

Disciple Series, 2015

Thanksgiving: A Reflection of Your Faith

Mountain Moving Prayer

One-Another Series, 2015

Clothe Yourselves With Humility

Christmas Series, 2015

Have You Found Your Messiah?

Phillip and Nathanael


Stuck In The Middle With You

Sin to Win?

Are you Gonna Pick Up Your Cards?

A Passover Meal to Remember