Guest Messages & Sermons

Archived Messages written and presented by Parishioners and Guest Speakers - part 1

During the pastor's absence messages are written and presented by various members of the congregation and by invited Guest Speakers, some of which are posted here. Each of the frames below contain the first few lines of each Message. Click on "See more" to expand it into a new window. Donations for the use of this material can be made here.

Congregation at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Kamloops

Congregation at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Kamloops

Jesus' Love is Really Something to Share

Mother's Day Message

Of No Earthly Gain

A Calling

The Bible is True

Divine Peace


The Christ Within

Love That Surpasses Knowledge

Rivers of Living Water

With Distinction

You Have What the World Can't Offer

Psalm 89: 1-18, 52

All Authority

Becoming More Like Jesus

An Invitation

Triumph of Faith


Jesus is the Messiah