Archived sermons

Sermons by David Schumacher, February 2016 to November 2016

Following are archived sermons by David Schumacher. They are arranged chronologically in general themes or individually. Each of the frames below contain the first few lines of each sermon. Click on "See more" to expand it into a new window. Donations for the use of this material can be made here.

David Schumacher

David Schumacher



Jesus, Barabbas and Pilate

Torture and Humiliation

The Crucifixion

Easter Morning, 2016

Doubting Thomas

The Thing About Obedience

Road To Emmaus

The Great Commission

Day of Pentecost: Committed

The Ten Commandment Series, 2016

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Happily Ever After


Reformation: The Essence of Freedom

The Beatitudes Series, 2016

An Unusual Couple