Archived Sermons

Sermons by Marc Lapointe from January 2018 to May 2018

Following are archived sermons by Rev. Marc Laopointe. They are arranged chronologically in general themes or individually. Each of the frames below contain the first few lines of each sermon. Click on "See more" to expand it into a new window. Donations for the use of this material can be made here.

Rev. Marc Lapointe

Rev. Marc Lapointe

I Know You

It's Now or Never

Who Has the Remote Control?

Who Am I

His Past - Our future

Time to Sink or Swim


Lenten Series 2018, Behold the Lamb of God

Where Is God

The Sting of Grace

Simon and Simon

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise & Morning, 2018

Can I Believe in Resurrection?

Back to the Way It Was

I Don't feel Like a Sheep!

I Don't Like Bing Pruned!

Graduation - Jesus Style

In, But Not Of The World