Archived Sermons

Sermons by Marc Lapointe from May 2019 to Septemberer 2019

Following are archived sermons by Rev. Marc Laopointe. They are arranged chronologically in general themes or individually. Each of the frames below contain the first few lines of each sermon. Click on "See more" to expand it into a new window. Donations for the use of this material can be made here.

Rev. Marc Lapointe

Rev. Marc Lapointe

Stand Firm or Fall Flat on Your Face

Love is the Essence to Knowing God

Persecutions Will Come - Stand Firm

Persecutions Will Come - stand Firm

After All This you Still Don't Know!

The Holy Spirit Changes Doubt to Trust

Are You Too Busy Serving or Listening?

The Prayer of Hospitality

When it's time - It's Time

What Will You be Doing When The Master Returns?

Revelation 3:15

Mosquito Theology

Be Present at our Table Lord

What Are The Terms of Surrender

Who's Watching the Ninety-Nine?

Have You Made Your Funeral Preparations?

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire